Deluxe Wedding Anniversary Horseshoes have silver or gold edged ribbon loops and are trimmed either side with triple satin rosebuds in the colour associated with the wedding anniversary. ie Silver rosebuds for 25 years, Gold rosebuds for 50 years etc etc

They are also available in the standard design with a single rosebud on a bow on each side of the horseshoe


Deluxe Anniversary Horseshoe shown for a

Silver Wedding Anniversary Horseshoe -




Anniversary horseshoes make a wonderful keepsake for a couple celebrating a special anniversary, I will try and source something suitable for each one. I am able to alter the wording to suit the occasion - just let me know.

The ribbon used for the hanging loop is either edged in silver or gold (or can be plain if you prefer) Triple rosebud embellishments are available to suit most colours.


Wedding Anniversaries

  5th   -   wood

8th   -   bronze

9th   -   copper

10th   -   tin

11th   -   steel

12th   -   silk

13th   -   lace

14th   -   ivory

15th   -   crystal

20th   -   china

30th   -   pearl

35th   -   coral

40th   -   ruby

45th   -   sapphire

50th   -   gold

55th    -  emerald

60th   -   diamond

65th   -   blue sapphire

70th   -   platinum