Lucky Heart keepsake - £17.95



Lucky Heart Keepsake - £17.95

Give the bride something a little different - these heart shaped sycamore keepsakes can be personalised to your requirements. They hang from a loop of cream, ivory or white satin ribbon, satin ribbon edges the entire heart and they are then trimmed with a triple satin rosebud embellishment - choose your own colour

The couple's names are added around the curved top and the date of marriage around the pointed base. I can also add your own personal greeting on the back as there is plenty of room.

The hearts also make perfect personalised gifts for a special anniversary, I have metal charms etc that can be added to enhance each heart - examples can be seen in the photograph above 




This shape is also great as a gift for a newly engaged couple, the hearts above were created using the customers own tartan and to their specifications with added wooden cat shapes. They can also be used as an anniversary memento or for any special occasion.

Please note that this item takes around three days to prepare due to the sealant and wax polish needing to dry before decoration