Beech Spurtle measuring approx. 12 inches long and decorated with tartan ribbon bow and ribbon hanging loop £14.9


A Spurtle is a traditional Scottish Stirring Stick and is perfect for stirring a saucepan without scratching. It is thought to date back to the 15th century when it was a flatter shape not unlike our modern day spatula. It was thought that it should be stirred clockwise and with the left hand in olden days as if used the wrong way it was thought to summon the devil!


The Spurtle is now commonly bought as a wedding gift for the new bride to 'tame' her porridge but it is also said on occasions to tame her new husband!


The Spurtle is available with a choice of three tartan ribbon bows, red, blue or green and the ribbon hanging loop is available in ivory, white or cream.

Due to space, I can only add the couple's names and date of marriage plus a short greeting and sorry, there is no box available for this item